Complimentary Class and Group Hypnosis Session to Get You Motivated and Moving towards Your END Results.

>>> Do people, places and events TELL you how to feel...are you ready to be the one IN CONTROL?

>>> Have you tried repeating affirmations, focusing on your goals and yet you still feel overwhelmed...is it time to find something that REALLY works?

>>> Do you wake up already exhausted because of everything you have to do...are you ready to discover the secret in turning stress into energy to achieve your Success?

EXHAUSTED, FRUSTRATED and OVERWHELMED is NOT how you should describe your life! I want to help you be your very best!  To do so, I am offering you this Complimentary Group Class and Hypnosis Session where I will give you the tips, tools and techniques you need to achieve.

√√√ How to turn stress into energy for motivation.

√√√ How long you need to "work at it' before Momentum takes over.

√√√ A Plan of Action so you know what your Success Step to take next!

PLUS A Group Hypnosis Session to Breakthrough Your Blocks and Get You Moving!

Go from Stressed to Success in 6 Seconds or Less Complimentary Class and Group Hypnosis Session to Get You Motivated and Moving Towards Your END Results. (This is a value of $247-yours at No Charge) This session will be held at my offices in Jonesboro, AR (you will receive an email with exact location and directions upon registration). Only 7 people will be accepted for each session.  Date and session times are listed on the side, just click below on REGISTER HERE and choose the one that best fits your schedule and register! Thursday, May 3, 2012



Dear Entrepreneur and Salesperson;

è Are you ready to stop under-charging and over-delivering?

è Is it time to stop wasting your precious energy on marketing that does not work and begin attracting clients?

è Are you watching others become successful and wondering; what do I have to do to make it happen for me?

è Join Dawn and Drew Ferguson, Business Coaches and Certified Hypnotists all the way from St. Louis, MO for this Powerful Business Building Event!

Sponsored by Candace Chronister C. H. with

END Results CLC Hypnosis

Join Dawn, Drew, and Candace as they walk you through the Simple Steps and Proven Processes to transform your business (and your life) from struggle to Success!

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

9am-5pm (This will include a one hour lunch break)

Location will be announced with your registration confirmation.

First and Only Time This Exclusive Course

has been offered in Jonesboro, AR!

***Reserve Your Ticket HERE NOW***


As always if we can be of help in any way please call at (870)919-2747 or email at endresults.clchypnosis.com. Remember Success is a habit and isn’t it time you start making it yours!

We look forward to seeing each of you at this one time exclusive VIP event.

Helping You Begin With The END in Mind.

Candace Chronister C.H.




Apply for Complimentary Coaching Session 

"Breakthrough the Barricade of Fear and Doubt: Where do you want to be and how to get there" Complimentary Coaching/Mentoring Session (Value $197)

If you are struggling with making daily right turns, feelings of overwhelm and frustration due to wrong turns(and making money) in this economy, then I have Great News for you.


I'm opening up just 10 spots to coach with me--at No Cost--for 30 minutes. It's my "Breakthrough the Barricade of Fear and Doubt: Where do you want to be and how to get there" Mentoring Session.  BUT, there are only 10 spots open and these are going to be snapped up fast.    

To be considered you'll need to apply.

Go here now to Apply! http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=flaoagfab&oeidk=a07e55i747n6bd5aac7

It's time you created a clear plan that will get you into action and results immediately.   


Life Mastery Self Hypnosis Certification Course

What could you accomplish if you learned to master your mind, emotions, and actions ?

Isn't it time for you to be the one who is control of your life

instead of circumstances, people, and things ?

If you were to access more of your potential, where would your success lead you; your health, money, finding fulfillment in your relationships or career?

You want more, but how to get it......by mastering your own mind.

This is your opportunity to enter an exciting and very new phase. So you can stop trembling, and celebrate instead!

I am excited to have you be a part of this intensive workshop and look forward to helping you be, the one in control of your life instead of circumstances, people and things easily and effortlessly.

CANDACE L. CHRONISTER, CH, Certified Hypnotist, AND Certified Self Hypnosis Instructor, will teach you the valuable tools of self-hypnosis and how you can use them to improve the quality of your life.



Release The Weight and Reveal The Inner God/Goddess 

Permanent weight loss, or ‘weight release’, can be difficult to achieve on your own.

Diets don’t work! You know I am right. Sure, they work for a while. And then, one day you find yourself right back where you were. Unless you change your thoughts/beliefs and re-program those pathways in a positive beneficial pattern you will return to your old self.

Your subconscious mind will react like a boomerang until you begin to think in new ways. Hypnosis will help you change your mind. Being skilled in the processes of the mind I can help you work with your natural rhythm of change and the timeline it takes for you stop bad habits and for new positive healthy habits to become automatic (like brushing your teeth).

There are many factors that can affect your weight. It can be compared to peeling away the layers of an onion. But it all comes down to Loving Your Self enough to learn why you eat, what you eat, when you eat, how you eat and how you burn your calories.

Notice the term, ‘weight release’. When we lose things we have a tendency to look for them. When we ‘release’ something it no longer has any control over us. We are not losers, we are designed to be Winners! My goal, throughout the weight release program, is to help you release the ideas that are keeping the weight on you. Attacking it physically, emotionally, and mentally together we build a strong foundation to keep you achieving more and working less.

During my “Weight Release” program you will begin to experience many positive healthy changes in your life.

In my experience, the weight people carry inside will manifest outside. You are actually starving from an emotional need that you are not nourishing.

You will learn how to take control of your life and reap the benefits of being a thinner, healthier, more positive you!

The entire premise of the program is to help you change your relationship with food, exercise, and you on the physical, emotional, and mental levels. There is no way around it, you must eat right, you must exercise, and develop a new mindset to create a new lifestyle that will reveal the inner God/Goddess and benefit you from now on.

With hypnosis you will gain the discipline that has been missing all these years to take control of what’s been eating away your brilliance.

Changing your life isn’t easy, when you start from the inside out it can be less effort and more effective at creating a new lifestyle that actually models the new You!

Don’t wait another day. Take ACTION and honor yourself now!

Call (870)919-2747 now to set your Complimentary Discovery Session ( Value $197) and learn to Begin with the End in mind. Hypnosis is a process you can use to change your life!

When you are ready to make a commitment to yourself, I am ready to help guide you using Hypnosis to make that change happen today.

Reasons to Release Weight:

Reduce risk of heart disease
Reduce blood pressure
Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
Reduce risk of stroke
Improve sleep apnea
Reduce osteoarthritis
Increase self-esteem
Look better
Feel better
Increase your energy
Increase your lifespan

Add your own reason and then…

Begin With The END In Mind.


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