Does it seem that you've been running around in circles trying to get something accomplished? Or maybe you feel like you've been running in place getting nowhere. Whichever description fits, you are most likely frustrated about it. So how can you get ahead with an exasperating problem?

Being a Certified Hypnotist means my expertise and skills pertain to the laws of the subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind runs (80-90%) of our life without us having to consciously think about it. How long does it take for a goal or change to become an automatic response? On average it will take 91 days of consistent effort to reach 1 of our goals. With the use of hypnosis the amount of time it takes to integrate the actions necessary to reach our goals can be drastically reduced. As always if I am here to support you in reaching your goals and turning them into your desired and deserved END Results easyily and effortlessly.

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When I called to make my appointment I was in a need for growth. I wanted out of my outdated ways and I wanted to start new, the way I was meant to be before the environment conditioned me. The biggest problem I encountered on a daily basis was self defeating thoughts. I did not believe I was more than I had always been told I was. Although before I came to you I had started a path of overcoming all the negatives in my life it was you holding my hand, so to speak and walking me down the path of what I thought was horrible to find myself there and happy... I  was what my problem was. I came to release smoking from my life in hope that my children would never have to see me unable to breathe as I must watch my Dad.  So cigarettes literally went AWAY! My pain was emotional, self inflicted wounds which are healing a little more each day learning that it is myself that is responsible for all my thoughts. The one goal that seemed unattainable was to stop smoking. To go to school. To find my self.  To find peace with in myself. The biggest improvement I wanted to make in my life before I started working with you was to be whole. My biggest obstacle, as I perceived it, in the way of what I truly desired was my fear of letting go of even the things that harmed me. Not smoking has been amazing.  But having myself out of fear is the best.  Additionally....Never so much did I need too and  I am not sure how I got rid of the past, I am grateful for you Candace, that you were there with me.  Thank you!  If all you ever wished for could possibly come true, I would wish all your wishes be fulfilled for you....

Brenda O.

Jonesboro, AR


I help clients who are struggling with bad habits and bad beliefs break through with out breaking down to get their desired and deserved END Results.

I recognize that we are all different and what worked for one individual may not work for the other individual. By following basic principles of the mind and the tool Hypnosis I am able to provide a space for individuals to create an awareness for and recognize the seed of success in themselves that I recognize in us all.
In this space the individual is granted the respect they deserve and provided tools to take control of their own power all while the individual is presented with the chance to see past a physical reality of perceived imperfections to the transformation of their own potential.


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